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How to buy RX medications online in canadian pharmacy

Antibiotics are one of the most expensive groups of drugs that hit the American’s wallet hardest. And when the cost of “old” antibiotics is even more or less acceptable, new broad-spectrum antibiotics are incredibly expensive, which is not surprising since companies spend about 1 billion US dollars on developing the drug. Many people cannot afford such expenses. Therefore, they start to buy drugs online, where you can order it much cheaper.

Marks Marine Pharmacy (User Rating: 4.9)

239 SE Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V5X 2S4, Canada, United States

(877) 888-9265

I have called and emailed Marks Marine Pharmacy several times about issues accessing their mobile app. Three weeks later still nothing has been fixed. Poor IT follow up. (In fact, no follow up). I have used this app for several years prior to this situation and USED to like it. Too bad, now I may be heading to Walgreen or somewhere else.

We visited this area, and my son had a severe case of swimmer’s ear. I was able to get an Rx called into the pharmacy but was unable to afford it from the local chain pharmacies (Walgreen’s, CVS, Walmart, or Publix…I called and priced each one). These pharmacies wanted between $200 and $400 for the medication we needed. I spoke with the pharmacist at this pharmacy and explained the situation. She sold me the medication for $75 and said that it was $5 above what she paid for it. I can’t say enough good things about this business. They were so good to us.

Kripps Pharmacy Ltd (User Rating: 3.9)


5413 West Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6M 3W5, Canada

+1 604-687-2564

Store is great. ALL employees that I have encountered have cheerfully assisted me. The pharmacy is about 1/5th the size that it needs to be. Kripps Pharmacy Ltd needs to address this soon with Harris-Teeter opening a pharmacy as part of its expansion.

The employees here ALWAYS help me get the lowest cost possible on my prescriptions! I live with chronic illnesses, and the costs can add up quickly. Their willingness to go the extra mile is appreciated.

Shaughnessy Pharmacy (User Rating: 5.0)

1265 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 1G7, Canada

+1 604-423-4246

I find their service smart and friendly. I get text tips to renew, which I like. The pharmacists always take time to explain medication usage to me — and even help me find coupons and discounts to help make my medication more affordable. Five stars!!

Sometimes I wonder how this Shaughnessy Pharmacy Pharmacy has been able to stay around for as long as it has. Poor parking. Discombobulated organization. Shotty delivery.

ED Means Pharmacy (User Rating: 4.1)

866 12th St, New Westminster, BC V3M 4K3, Canada

+1 604-540-1325

I have never been so pleased with the service at a pharmacy as I am with that of ED Means. Kevin has been kind, friendly, and always gone the extra mile to provide quality service when filling my prescriptions. This is a very small place, unlike the large chain pharmacies. They do carry some otc items.

This was the fastest and nicest pharmacy I have ever been to. I am so happy this is the closest one to me, and I will definitely utilize the drive-through next time! Highly recommend this place. They even have a supply of common over the counter meds available for purchase.

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