Do you ship outside of British Columbia?

  • We do!  We regularly service clients all over Canada and even ship internationally (please note that international postage and duties may apply).

My order might be oversize in length or exceeds the 22kg limit, what do I do?

  • Call us at 1-800-563-3338 with your order and we can look into other shipping methods whether that be through Canada Post or courier.

I plan to be in Vancouver in the near future, can I pick up my order in person?

  • Absolutely!  You may make your order online and hit the pick up in store option at check out otherwise you may shop in our retail store in person at 701 E Hastings Street.

What is your return policy?

  • Return your item within 1 month of purchase in new condition in its original packaging with its receipt and we will refund your entire purchase – no questions asked!
  • If you no longer have your receipt or have somehow misplaced the original packaging but the item is still in new condition, we are willing to offer store credit of equal value.

What is the best martial art?

  • There is no correct answer to this question.  Every art has been tested, studied and adapted through years of training to be ideal under its given circumstances.  The question we typically ask is “what situation are you intending to train for?” 

Which martial arts studio should I join?

  • That entirely depends on what you are wanting to learn and what situations you intend to train for
  • Every gym runs a unique program and every instructor will have his or her own strengths/weakness
  • Most gyms offer a free trial or for you to observe a class.  We recommend checking out 3-4 gyms in your local area to get a sense of how classes are run, which instructors you vibe with and what students you would feel most comfortable with training?

Pro MMA fighters don’t wear a uniform (Gi) when fighting on tv.  Why should I train in one?

  • The Gi serves multiple purposes with the first being hygiene as you will be making far less skin to skin contact sharing sweat.
  • It is very rare in a self defense situation that you will just be wearing swim trunks
  • A grappling Gi provides easily accessible grips which simulate everyday clothing (the sleeves on one’s sweater, the belt on your pants or the collar of a jacket) but are properly reinforced to be more durable.

How should I wash my Gi?

  • Machine wash in either warm or cold water is preferred along with hanging it overnight to dry
  • We advise against using hot water or extended time in the dryer to prevent shrinkage as most are made of cotton

How often should I wash me Gi?

  • AFTER EVERY USE.  Don’t be that person at the gym with the stinky Gi.  Coming from a Judo background, we can tell you that its gross and nobody is going to want to train with you.

How do I wash my boxing gear?

  • Your boxing gloves are not designed to be put in the washing machine but the insides can be sprayed.  The #1 line of defense is having a steady supply of clean hand wraps.  Wash them after every single use to prevent sweat and bacteria from building up inside your gloves

Any further questions?