Mikado Heavyweight Karate Gi (Regular Cut)

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The Mikado Heavyweight Karate Gi has been one of our most popular uniforms for decades – being worn from everybody from intermediate students up to instructors. This kata uniform provides the necessary weight and canvas-like feel to provide maximum snap when showing definition during forms.

This model comes with full length sleeves and pants, while a tournament cut with 2″ shorter sleeves/pants is also available.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

0 (4'4" 60lbs), 1 (4'9" 75lbs), 2 (5'1 100lbs), 3 (5'5 135lbs), 4 (5'9" 165lbs), 5 (6' 195lbs), 6 (6'2" 225lbs), 7 (6'4" 245lbs), 8 (6'6" 265lbs)